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Able to eat beef
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2024 2024 Home Country TAKE CARE CHILDREN 5,7 YEARS OLD
Maid Introduction

PRESENT:-She helps her parents run a small grocery store from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day after returning from Oman. She took care of her 80-year-old bedridden grandfather when she was 19 years old. Her grandfather had a stroke nearly two months prior to his death. she went to Grandpa's house every day to take care of him; Her grandfather is on a glucose drip; she only gives him plain water and Milo; she turns his body every two to three hours; she massages his hand and leg; she washes his clothes; she changed his diaper; she bathes him on the bed; wipes his face, cleans his mouth, and his little teeth.

2022-2023:All around: washing, cleaning, ironing, wash 3 cars but helper wash 2 cars another helper incharge of 1 car, take care of 2 children 5yo & 7yo, helper wakes up 6am, get ready them go to school, prepare uniform, change clothes, prepare school bag (waterbottle, snacks, books, school shoes), madam send them to school from at 6am to 12pm. after children left to school, helper clean the bedrooms & tidy up the, tables, then ironing 2 baskets (2-3 hours), after that 12pm children come back, prepare lunc & they eat themself, keep eyes on them playing, accompany them as & when needed. Help look after 3 children : two more twins, ages 14 and 16, by preparing meals and getting clothes ready for their showers. Offer assistance as needed. Take care of one cat by providing food and water, cleaning the litter box, and the cage. Helper comments that her employer is good, and that she has been responsible for her work and has followed instructions for the full two years of her contract. Stay at 2 storey bungalow house (10 bedrooms/5 toilets) with 9 family members (Sir/Madam/5 children/Ahma/uncle + 3 helper (incharge of cooking & take care of Ahma: healthy & independent)

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883 North bridge Road #03-01 The Southbank Singapore 198785
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Monday - Friday (10am - 7pm) Saturday (10am - 4pm) Sunday and Public Holiday (Closed)

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