Emaid.com.sg is Singapore's fastest-growing online maid (MDW) portal for employers and employment agencies. We attract more maid agencies on our classified websites. We are NOT a maid agency Our subsidiaries also engage in similar business models across the Asia Pacific region and are able to scale globally with our strong in-house team of engineers and developers. Our mission is to provide a smooth maid hiring. At emaid.com.sg, we optimize your agency to make them more premium than others.
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Emaid.com.sg 是新加坡发展最快的雇主和就业机构在线女佣 (MDW) 线上网站。我们在机密网站上吸引了更多的女佣代理中介公司。我们不是女佣中介代表公司。 我们的子公司还在亚太地区从事类似的业务模式,并能够通过我们强大的内部工程师和开发人员团队在全球范围内进行扩展。 我们的使命是提供平稳的女佣招聘。在 emaid.com.sg, 我们会优化您的代理商,使其比其他代理商更高级。
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