Nita Angraini Muhtar Toti

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Nita Angraini Muhtar Toti



Maid Type


Date of Birth


Other Information
Able to handle pork
Able to eat pork
Able to handle beef
Able to eat beef
Able to care dog/cat
Able to do simple sewing
Able to do gardening work
Able to wash car
Willing to work on off-days with compensation
Willing to work with another helper
Number of off-days per month
Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation Comments
Care of infants/children 6 years
Care of elderly Ahma (90, bedridden)
Care of disabled
General housework
Cooking Malay food : curry, rendang, noodle
Employment History
From To Country Duties Remarks
2018 2019 Singapore 2 family members : 2 adults (widowed) Bungalow, 1 storey, 3 bedrooms, sleep on her own room, speak Malay General : cleaning, washing, marketing Eldercare : take care Mam (90, weak but still can walk), take to hospital, feeding, take a walk. Note : worked only 4 months because the 2 employers keep fighting each other
2019 2021 Singapore 5 family members : ahma, ahgong, mam, sister, 1 kid (6 years) Condo, 3 bedrooms, sleep on her own room, speak Malay and English General : cleaning, washing, ironing, cook for the kid, washing Childcare : showering, take to school, accompany on his daily activities
2021 2023 Singapore 6 family members : ahma, ahgong, mam, sister, 2 adult kids HDB, 4 bedrooms, sleep on her own room, speak Malay General : cleaning, washing, cooking Eldercare : care for ahma (90, bedridden), and ahgong (80, still can walk) wipe ahma, feeding food and medicine using tube, suck pleghm with machine. Note : on record written helper changed employer on May 2022, but actually still the same family, only change employer’s name because ahma passed away.
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Mobile Phone:
60 Potong Pasir Ave 1, #05-03 The Tre Ver Singapore 358391
Office Hour:
Monday. : 9am -7pm Tuesday : 9am -7 pm Wednesday : 9am - 7pm Thursday. : 9am - 7pm Friday. : 9am - 7pm Saturday : 9am - 7pm

Our journey began with a simple observation from our own experiences as an employer: the challenges many face in finding reliable, skilled domestic helper while navigating the high agency fees and complexities of paperwork and processes. We realized that many agencies have overlooked the essence of service – understanding the genuine needs of both employers and employees.

Our company aim to integrate the current technology to make the hiring processes seamless for employer and they can do it even at the comfort of their home. This could significantly lower the cost to as low as the bare cost of direct hiring a helper. Our vision was born out of this understanding, and with a determination to bridge this gap, Easy Hire Maid Agency was established.

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